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Aryapala (standing) & Aloka

The Buddha Rupas displayed and sold through this webpage are the work of Aloka, a senior Member of our Order. 

When I came across Triratna, I was delighted by these new interpretations of Buddhas & Bodhisattvas and now, I want to make these Rupas available to a wider audience. I believe that Buddha figures can evoke a profound longing to bring meaning into this troubled world.


The Dharma - or The Buddha's Teaching -  has not only found a new voice by being translated into the West both in verbal and writing teachings, but also through iconography. These Buddha Rupas form part of that new voice.

My wish is that these Buddha Rupas make us think about our lives more deeply, and that the ‘Western Buddhist’ artistic tradition spreads more widely, appealing to our cultural and aesthetic sensibilities. 


The project 'Buddha Rupas' (formerly 3D-Rupa) came after a casting-crash-course with Aloka & his friend Dharmamudra. However when I started to cast their Buddha Rupas in plaster & resin, the moulds started to perish - as the original casts were quite old. In order to preserve the Rupas I decided to have three of them 3D scanned. This new working approach now makes these iconic Buddhas available to be printed in detailed, high quality resin through contemporary 3D print technology. 

All art is (among other things) expression. But not all expression is art. 

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